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Q1) What is a property preview?

Property preview is an event where VIP guests are invited to the sale before the main launch. Usually, there will be two part of the preview. Firstly the preview is open to developer’s partners, shareholders and management staffs only. After which it will be open to invited VVIP guests.

Q2) Who are the people who attend properties preview?
Investors and season property buyers are the people who attend properties preview.

Q3) What are the benefits of going to a properties preview?

Discount is normally given during the preview, sometimes as much as 3% of the list price. And you got to choose the best unit available. In a fast-moving property market, properties are sold out even before they are ever made known to the public.

Q4) When are the property preview held? 

Properties preview are normally held one to two week before the public launch.

Q5 ) How could I get to know & attend a property preview?
Please register your interest. We will keep you on the VIP preview priority list. Prior to the project preview, he will prepare the project fact sheet, performed comparative market analysis of the properties around the launching project area, current & future development. we will then arrange an on-site presentation to you.

We will assist you to select the best unit for you be it for own stay or for investment.

we will also go through the property investment procedure with you. This will assist you to work out the financial planning/loan with your banker.The prices of new launch properties are released only on the day of the preview.

Once the prices are released, We will notify you immediately & obtain your approval to proceed with the unit booking. The choice unit is always taken up within minutes in a properties preview. Hence you will need a specialist to assist you to secure your choice unit.

Kindly Register Below for Pre-Launch Preview or for Showflat Viewing. We will revert to you of the Date and Time of the preview as soon as possible once it has been confirmed.

问与答 Corner

问 1: 预览是什么?


公开邀请 VVIP 嘉宾。

问 2: 出席预览的人是谁?


问 3: 在预览的好处是什么

在预览的好处您可领得折扣价。通常在预览过程中给出的折扣价有时高达 13% 与 15% 。

 问 4:何时预览举行?


问 5: 我如何可得知道与 出席预览?

前和未来的发展与开展项目区域与周围市场分析。我们也会安排一个现场演示文稿。 他将会协助您选择最佳的单位。

选择最佳银行与财务规划/贷款直到交易完成。当天预览价格发布时,我们将会立即通知你和获得您批准进行预订单位。通常预览当天好的单位在几分钟将被预购 因此,您需要专家协助您确保您选择的单位顺利进行。